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Kebbi South must brace up to take over in 2023, Abubakar Kalgo insists

If Kebbi State should remain as the Land of Equity then Gubernatorial Seat should move out of the centre to Kebbi South Senatorial Zone for Political exigency and all Inclusiveness.

Abubakar Bagudu Dallatun Kalgo, a Political Analyst and Media Consultant maintained that it will be a grave injustice, unholy subjugation and Political inequality to deny Kebbi South Senatorial Zone of the 2023 Gubernatorial Seat as equal stakeholders in the business of governance.

We must stamp out the established practice of selling the Gubernatorial ticket to the highest bidder : a system that breeds nepotism, mass corruption and marginalisation in appointments and projects allocations across the State.

While all others States in the Country have succeeded in entrenching rotational leadership arrangements in their politics : Kebbi is still putting money as the main benchmark for leadership election process, impliedly negating Competence, Ability, Honesty and Resourcefulness to the lowest ebb.

Kalgo stressed that we must rise and speak in unison against the current political anomaly embedded in our politics by selfish individuals contrary to the collective interest of the State.

Even though, rotational leadership is not constitutional but it is a fair play arrangement agreed upon by Political Parties to encourage fairness, equality, Inclusiveness, and Participatory Democracy therefore Kebbi State must not be an exception.

It is therefore pertinent to all Political Parties to entrench rotational system within their internal process.

Similarly, Political Leaders and other stakeholders in the zone should close ranks and strategise well to work for the actualisation of the 2023 project devoid the usual rancour and pull down syndrome that accompany such agitation process.

Dallatun Kalgo opined that Kebbi will fare better if all Senatorial Zones are given fair considerations in developmental pursuits cognisance of vast opportunities and human capital available in all the 3 Senatorial Zones.

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