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Memo to Kebbi State Governor – Habibu Bawa

May I before any other thing commend your efforts in renovation of schools, recruitment of teachers, rescue mission to flood victims, effective distribution of palliatives and swift payment of salaries of state employees. All these are additional proofs of your golden heart and absolute love for your electorates.

The main essence of democracy as a system of governance is not just the freedom but ensuring equality and well being of all people irrespective of age, class, influence or affluence. It’s based on this I once again write as expected of every patriotic and concerned indigene of the state to express the plights of Kebbi retirees, dead workers, Local Government employees, Primary School teachers and Primary Health Care workers who were screened and verified about 14 months ago to be transferred to State service from their Local Governments and I’m optimistic that, like the previous memos, you’ll attend to the pleas of your poor masses within the earliest possible time.

Kebbi retirees are wondering hopeless and cashless after sacrificing their youthful age serving and contributing to the development of the state, many spend years after service before getting their gratuities while they have school fees, medical and probably rent bills to attend to.

The story is not different from those who lost their lives while in active services of the State. Orphans and widow(s) who are sometimes displaced out of government house will spend four to five years before getting their legally deserved benefits of their deceased. While I believe upon coming into government house in 2015, your administration has fastened, eased and ensures immediate payment of pensions and even went ahead to start paying the new minimum wage, I want to inform your Excellency that the new wage is yet to be applied to all workers.

For instance, the rocks and foundations of education— Primary School Teachers and Local Government employees who are mainly Community/Rural Health and Agricultural Extension Workers are yet to start enjoying the new increase which you approved more than a year ago.

Your Excellency, for effective service delivery and to curb corrupt practices and mismanagement of public funds by Civil Servants, you have to ensure improved welfare for Civil Servants whether in active service or after retirement, doing this will encourage them to give in their best and ensure financial sanctity.

On a final note, I pray may Allah continue to guide, guard and grant you fortitude to endure the challenges that come with holding a public office as I pray you attend to this within the earliest possible time.

Habibu Bawa is an indigene of the state and can be reached at

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