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Covid19 Resurgence: Dabai Chiefdom Council Cancels 2020 Uhola Broad Celebrations, Urges Celebrants to Observe Covid19 Safety Protocol

Following the current resurgence of Covid19, the Chief of Dabai Chiefdom Alh Suleiman Sami regrets to withdraw all invitations sent to individuals, group of individuals and the general public to attend the 2020 Dabai Uhola Cultural Celebrations scheduled to hold on Sunday, 27th December 2020.

Uhola is a known Annual Cultural event Celebrated by Lelna dialects which is part of their Culture and traditional religion and to this effect, the invitations were sent out of desire to further explore our rich culture. Therefore, the Chief of Dabai Chiefdom is using this medium in advising the traditional religious leaders and celebrants to observe social distancing, washing of hands at regular intervals and the use of facemasks in the course of discharging their rites.

To this effect, the Chiefdom Council as part of its responsibility, will embark on massive sensitisation and awareness ahead of scheduled date.

The Chief is wishing you a happy and wonderful celebrations. All inconveniences regretted please.

Stay Safe

Kabiru D Sami
Secretary to Dabai Chiefdom Council
December 22, 2020

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