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Borno Bloody Massacre: Recall Able Ex-service Men Not Foreign Mercenaries, Kebbi Deputy Governor Suggests

Deputy Governor of Kebbi, Yombe Dabai has suggested the Federal government redeploys able ex-service men other than foreigners in the fight against insecurity in Borno state.

This was stated when he was reacting to a statement attributed to Governor Zulum of Borno State published by Dailytrust paper on Tuesday, 1/12/2020 asking for foreign mercenaries to be brought to fight insurgency.

Samaila Yombe Dabai said “In as much as i am in sympathy with Nigerians on the prevailing insecurity, i will strongly suggest that ex-service men who are available and capable with professional capacity to join in with the serving men instead of hiring mercenaries”

He described how Gen Gowon recalled ex service men that fought in the second world war to support the serving men in the Nigeria/Biafra crisis.

The use of ex service men will reduce cost in men and material because they are battle inoculated, battle ready and know the operational arena very well than any mercenary would.

Samaila Yombe Dabai concluded by strongly reiterating his earlier call to suggest the recall of Nigeria’s ex service men against mercenaries.

Atom Turba

SSA New Media to the Deputy Governor of Kebbi State.

December 1st, 2020.


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