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We need accountability, PRP to Kebbi Govt

1. The Kebbi State Peoples Redemption Party (KBPRP)would like to express its concern and that of all well-meaning citizens of the state over the continued misplacement of priorities, flagrant violation of due processes and abundantrecklessness in handling publicentrusted resources by Sen. Atiku Bagudu-led administration in the state.

The latest decision by the Governor to hold the Executive Council meeting outside the State, the second time in four years, is not only another opportunity to misuse public funds against the competing need to fix seriousinfrastructural deficit of the State but another jamboree that cannot, for all intents and purposes be in the best interest of the state or impact, positively on the state teeming population. This is especially coming at the heel of the State governmentfailure to respond to the plight of victims of the recent flooddisaster, in spite of the huge donations received by the State Government from well-to-do individuals and Corporate bodies. In addition, the Kebbi State PRP notes that this frivolous activity has been carried too far by inviting a ‘Consultant’ to lecture the Exco members on budget implementation as if incessant ‘virement’ has not been the bane of budget implementation in the state. It therefore behooves the government to provide the raison d’etre and cost for holding the meeting outside the state including hiring the Consultant. This is in spite of the fact that government itself is aware that it is mostly responsible for budget implementation failure through unnecessary extra-budgetary spending. For instance, it is seriously alleged that the first family in the state has so far spent over N1.6billion, over a period of just 18 months in travels from funds not appropriated.

2.       But why, in the first instance, would the State Executive Council decide to hold its meeting in Abuja, to discuss the state 2021 budget, attracting the travel by all members of the cabinet, including some special advisers, at the expense of other competing priorities begging for attention of the state meagre resources. The only plausible reason may be that this clueless and visionless APC-led Administration in the state has run out of ideas and is regrettably unperturbed by the sufferings of the people of Kebbi State who are grappling with poverty, hopelessness, low literacy level, hunger, insecurity, nepotism, corruption and corrupt practices. Thus, throughout the last six out of its eight years tenure, this administration tends to have converted every opportunity for service delivery into a self-serving and money-making venture. A clear example is theannual walk-away cancer programme being held by the Governor’s Wife in Abuja, whichhave already gulped millions of naira from the State coffers; monies that can be converted and utilised in bridging some gaps in the health services delivery in the state.

3.       From the foregoing, it is apt to point out that the misplacement of priority by the Sen. Bagudu-led administrationand its aloofness to the yearnings and aspirations of its citizens would continue unabated for as long as theculture of silence, complacency, patronage and self-motivation persist in a state that is blessed with industrious and highly intellectual people but faced with poor leadership. Consequently, the Kebbi PRP shall remain undaunted in its pursue to ensure that our people enjoy the full benefits of dividends of democracy. It will continue to question the rationale of some government actions or inactions and demand for answers on how public funds entrusted to it are handled or expended. It also calls on all well-meaning indigenes of the state – the academia, opposition parties, Religious and other leaders of conscience, to rise up to the occasion by lending their voices against injustice and corruption that have become the hallmark of the APC-led administration in the state. Let us come together to ask questions, speak truth to power and resist dictatorial tendencies, deceit and insensitivity to governance in Kebbi State. Let us ask questions such as the impact of the health outreach, walk-away cancer and anchor borrowers programmes on the agricultural and health sectors of the state including the outcome of investigation, if any, of the fire that gutted the state medical stores where large quantities of health equipment and materials including sanitizers were procured with public funds. Let us all, especially our representatives in the hallow State House of Assembly, in the high sense of patriotism, also strive to ensure that all monies appropriated in the 2021 budget are expended in public interest and to prevent the entertainment of frivolous activities such as those frequent and unnecessary travels by His Excellency, the Governor that do not seem to attract any investment or benefit to the state.

4.       Finally, the Kebbi State PRP believes that we cannot, as a people, afford to keep quiet and allow few individuals convert or commandeer state resources into personal use. This is therefore a clarion call on the government to exhibit the character of transparency and accountability by stopping syphoning and wastages of public funds through phony programmes, projects or activities. It is also a clarion call on the masses to wake up to the dire need to imbibe the habit of seeking for explanation from this administration and its cronies so that we can collectively stop the incessant misuse and misapplication of the state’s commonwealth and inheritance.

Long live PRP!
Long live Kebbi State!!
Long Live Nigeria!!!

Abubakar Dakingari
Kebbi State Publicity Secretary, PRP
21st November, 2020

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