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Launching your first book with Prolaunch- Richard Okere Jr

In this article, Richard Okere Jr., founder Prolaunch Synergy – one of the fastest growing book-launching companies in Nigeria, shares his expertise on what he calls Systemizing – a 3 level system automation that takes you by the hand from a newbie to a published author.


Today, we had a 1 hour call with our first international book launch client. We took time to walk her through the customized book marketing plan we’ve created for her.

There are few things that beat talking to a client who understands how things work and is appreciative of your effort. I felt good seeing how our client attraction and nurturing system has been automated so far. Before she asks a question, there is a video already in the plan to guide her.

It’s funny that earlier this year, I was very keen on going international with our book marketing services. I said prayers on it. Today, it has manifested. The whole project is almost a million naira

There are three level of system automation we’re working on at ProLaunch Synergy… Once done, a lot of things can work more seemlessly.

  1. Client Attraction & Nurturing

I’ve been doing a lot of videos on my YouTube channel on book marketing. They are being optimized with keywords to attract more views. I Intentionally use our work and clients as examples to subtly put in their mind that we can work with them too. I intend to get a stream of clients from those who come from YouTube.

I plan to make a video that explains the work process to manage expectations and frictions. This way, an individual will know what they are getting and signing up for before they decide to work with us.

  1. Service Delivery

On the call today, I had my first full time launch manager. She was listening as I explained the plan to the client. She is going to work with me on this launch. We’ll be hiring more launch managers as demand increases. Their work is to use the already made plan and lead the launch for the clients we assign to them. This is a whole industry on its own I want to use to replace the usual digital marketers.

This way, client work is done without me having to be always there.

  1. Client Referrals

We’ll be launching our loyalty program Soon! With this program, our clients get to earn a commission from referring us. They become ProAffiliates!

We want to fully go global! My vision is to have a plaza here in Abuja, fully equipped with equipment and personnel to take your idea and launch it.

How are you systemizing? Don’t settle for average…DOMINATE!

Richard Okere Jr.

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