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Opinion: Weighing Tukura On Pencil Pendulum

By Habibu Bawa

One of the most difficult things to write about is a political figure currently holding a public office. But at times, one have to write for posterity’s sake not minding the kicks, boots or cheers that may come from opponents or proponents of such a political figure.

I, for one, was first awed by Kabiru Tukura’s youthful and independent candidature which came with many positivities to laud albeit with few areas to improve. Still, I consider it a victory against the gerontocrats whose consensuses have for long been our only political options.

The motive behind this write-up are a few things I witnessed recently, two on social media which I had reached out to the people to authenticate and two physically; First, just after Aminu Audi posted that he has been sponsored by Tukura to learn professional photography one Abdul Namaihubbare posted same, that his brother Abba is also a beneficiary. Second, someone posted last Saturday that Tukura visited his shop and gifted many things to many people around. Though these are not the primary roles of a lawmaker, I consider them a giant stride in trying to make the youths who are all graduates self-reliant.

Along the line, at two separate places in same Zuru which is believed to be the Tukura’s nerve center, I witnessed a funny-drama with unvideod scenes. One arguing that, “since Tukura is from Bedi, he ought to construct Zuru to Tadurga which is centrally in his homeward”. Forgetting there is a Local Government Chairman with his vice from that part of the Local Government. Also, just a day or so after that, I witnessed another critic arguing that, “for more than a year, Tukura could not even install a street light in Zuru”. Whether executing projects is for legislatives or executives I forgot to ask my High School Teachers.

To be candid, if Tukura went to the Green Chamber without knowing the roles of a lawmaker or thinking it is just to attend to people’s mere personal needs, the greatest help is collecting his UDUS BA certificate and sending him back to Birnin Yauri to resit Government and Civic Education. I will not join the league of those who expect much from him immediately knowing he’s a first timer nor will I join those who gave-off on him because he’s ‘too young’ or must recuperate after much spendings. At least he has garnered a bit experience in MELLSA and in the Public Sector where he was for about a decade which are visible from the #Tukura Town Hall Meeting, #Free Pads 4 Girls Campaign, #Operation Role Out Malaria, #Free Books For All, #Free JAMB Forms, the recent memo to NOUN requesting a study center in Zuru and many others beyond the scope of this essay.

It’s to the knowledge of everyone that since the return of democracy in 1999, Zuru has suffered dumb and invisible representation at the green chamber, maybe excluding late Baba Durumbu and Hudu of blessed memories. Our immediate past Representative shivered, huffed and puffed like an attacked pregnant fish the first and the last time I saw him speaking at the chamber, the other one spent years flying to and flying back to Abuja before he sensed danger. All these were borne by our definition of competence and credibility, which means the highest bidder, to us, a good politician is someone who donated to our personal lives. Someone close to a former senator once told me that, his boss stopped coming for festivities simply because anytime he earmarked an amount for a community project and came to see how to actualize it, many people will visit to start laying their family problems and will be left with no option than to assist them, while both are good, community development is better and the sole aim.

This is not to say Tukura is sinless or excellent, there are bold areas he needs to improve. One, A politician is as good as his team of advisors and a formidable team should be made of experienced and young hands, when new breeds are left without old, it greeds progress.

Two, While attending to people’s personal needs is good, community needs are better, at least, the ICT centres and Town Halls late Baba Durumbu left are a legacy for his successors. Three, a politician should be a leader to all, by saying this I mean, educated or not, town people or villagers, tribesmen or not
and even people who practiced different religion with him.

Way Forward

We must stop taking our personal problems to politicians, this is how politicians will work assiduously to make a huge difference in the general life of the populace.

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