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Op-ed: The Growing Concern On Zuru Roads

As it stands today, trips that should ordinarily last for few minutes, take more than an hour for a journey of 10 or 20 kilometers, people die of road accidents, vehicles spoil, and goods stale or even destroy before reaching target markets because of the bad condition of roads within and linking Zuru to other parts.

Koko to Dabai, Zaima to Zuru, Kontagora to Zuru, Unashi to Ribah, Maga to Ribah and Diri to Sakaba are roads of high commercial and agricultural importance but in the worst situation one can ever think of, ramshackled, dilapidated and tattered. They are nothing but death traps costing lives and properties worth millions.

Rain and large vehicles plying the roads maybe another factor but since the state’s pride is agriculture and it’s main source of revenue, good transportation system have a lot to do.

It’s not just the bad situation of the roads that causes alarm but most of these roads that we find very excruciating have dangerous spots which robbers use as tricks to rob people, they have became convenient operating centres for arm robbers. This is aside the notorious fact that the poor condition of these roads encumbers economic activities as several tones of farm produce and other products from Mahuta, Bajida and Marafa in Fakai; Bena, Maga, Wasagu and Ribah in Danko/Wasagu; Diri, Makuku and Sakaba in Sakaba Local Government; Ushe, Dabai and Tadurga in Zuru Local Government cannot be easily transported to areas where they are needed mostly. These roads make a crucial contribution to the economic development and growth of the State and bring important social benefits. In addition, they provide access to employment, social, health and education services which make it crucial in fighting poverty. IF YOU EXCLUDE ZURU TO RIBAH, THERE’S NO ROAD UP-TO 30KM THAT’S AVERAGELY IN GOOD STATE.

Therefore, Government should not deprived Zuru Emirate it’s deserved dividends of democracy. There were so many campaign promises made to Zuru Emirate with regards to reconstruction of these roads which we await their fulfilment.

I therefore unrelentingly call on government at all levels to put into consideration the dilapidated condition of roads connecting Zuru Emirate and bring an end to this unfortunate situation.

By Yazidu Abubakar Matseri

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