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Chadwick Boseman: What you will remember him for

While Chadwick Boseman will be missed by his wife and children, many people across the globe will continue to remember him for his calmness, agility, foresight, commitment to the movie industry and his philanthropic gestures extended to not just the black community, but also people suffering from cancer in the United States of America and beyond.

At 43 years, Chadwick Boseman will be remembered for his role in making many movies including the all-popular BLACK PANTHER.

Born 1977, Chadwick Boseman was, all the years, suffering from colon cancer – a disease which caused his death.

Around the world today the 29th of September, Chadwick is celebrated for the inspiration he brought to Hollywood and the black community.
According to Barrack Obama, former United States of America’s President, Chadwick Boseman was in the Whitehouse during his leisure time to train kids who looked up to him as a model.

The TV personality has also won many awards and debuted in over 5 movies during his career.

Several condolence messages have circulated around the internet about the life of Chadwick who is now no more. His kingly greetings have been adopted by many to celebrate his personality.

T D Jakes, the founder of TDJakes Ministry took to his social media handle to describe what he felt like during Chadwick’s time on earth. The Bishop admonished his followers to focus on his legacies and pray God to heal his home.

Multiple Grammy awards Gospel singer Lecrea in his reaction said he prayed for all those who have lost their lives during the pandemic adding that he wish their family comfort throughout the period of grief.

The death of the Movie star came as a shock to many who never knew he was battling with colon cancer, having lived with the sickness although his lifetime.

However, from Africa to America, instead of the usual mourning, people are celebrating the fact that he had touched many lives before the universe took him in death.

It is a black day in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous black nation as people take to their handles and group to remind others of the life lived by the legend. One of his fans, Chris Ani, founder of Digital Abundance Academy has expressed optimism that young people will learn from Chadwick and live their lives to the fullest.

The burial arrangement has not yet been fixed for the black American but sources have it that he will be buried shortly after interment.

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