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Opinion: Let the North Start thinking the South for 2023 Job

As the Nigeria political prevailing wind thickens, permutations high ahead of 2023 political dispensation let Nigerians from all works of life start thinking the South for the presidency, it will be the right step in the right direction paramount in chanting a new course for the country, Presenting a United front and balancing the power structure of the country.

Following series of common past events, present political and environmental activities that have shape-formed our collective history as Nigerians ranging from Amalgamation, Colonial Rule, Formation of local administration, Constitutional Conferences, National Independence, Regional structures and State Creations, Civil Rule, Coup d’tat, Military Rule, International Interventions and organizations, Civil War, post Civil War political Actions and reactions from various groups like CSOs, Political Parties, NGOs, Trade Unions, Ethnic Groups, Religious Bodies, Traditional Institutions, Democracy, General Election etc
In aggregation these are typical examples of some common factors that CO-formed the reality of our present day Nigeria that many could consider as the great building forces of the modern day Nigeria.

However, we can’t also afford to shy away from mentioning the negative side effects of these factors on our modern day society probably on the basis of how we conceived or reacted to them per time, for example, Prof. Sule Bello mentioned in his presentation that the prevailing problems of the Nigeria society today are defined and distinguished by the dominant influence of ethnocentrism or the political ideology of tribalism.
it’s divisive, regressive and destructive nature that have stalled the Unity, peaceful CO-existence of our people, Progress and Even basic development in Nigeria are events that have their long histories attributed to the influences that emanated from these factors on our dear nation and without missing words they have become champions of the great Niger detecting our political directions per day.

At this point, I may have no doubt in mind that question like what is the current state of Nigeria? Should come to the mind but providing a befitting answer in response that truly provides ultimate explanation to the various problems is one that one cannot be too sure on the basis of how hard one will try to provide answers to the numerous challenges will only be leap to the numerous challenges unmentioned.

Finding a lasting solution to the above mentioned will require all Nigerians to take common practical steps capable of reassuring our faith and confidence in one another alongside our divide that we can bridge our various gaps in unity in attempt to redefine the scope of a new Nigeria.

Therefore, let the North Start thinking the South, Ameachi and others of East-South extracts have proven themselves fit for the 2023 job as such, they should be supported for Presidency.

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