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Opinion: After Buhari, Should Amaechi be Next?

The year 2015 will forever remain indelible in the history of political Nigeria’s political development, it marks a historical period when Nigerians conducted the most successful BALLOT BOX REVOLUTION that ousted the corrupt regime of the PDP, it is the time when Nigerians from all walks of life, tribe, region and ethnicity came together and unite under a common agenda that will change the developmental trajectory of this country, it is also a time when an opposition government successfully took over power from the ruling party.

Overwhelmed with the rot he met, President Muhammadu Buhari tactically took his time to scout for the best hands that will drive the new government’s agenda which has Security, Anticorruption and Economy at the core of it’s agenda, as they say “getting the right team is getting half of the job done” and PMB set out to achieve on this three thematic fronts. With our Rail ways moribund, Roads and other infrastructures in a very bad shape, Mr. President need not to think twice before considering the former Rivers State Governor, the political Colossus, the Lion of Niger-Delta and former Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuke Ameachi to take charge of the Transportation Ministry.

With myriads of challenges facing the Transportation sector in Nigeria, Mr. Ameachi swiftly swing into action, the moment his designated portfolio became known to him and today five years after our Railways are roaring back to life, the jinx of the Nigerian ports has been broken as the largest container ship to ever arrive Nigerian waters berthed at ONNE waters on 16th of August, 2020, we are safe to say that he has delivered far ahead of time, to his credit are countless projects that marks some of the signature projects that will for long be remembered as legacies of the President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC.

If wishes were horses, many of us would have wished President Muhammadu Buhari to carry on for life but Leadership as we know is like a relay race, your run your distance and pass the baton to the next person and this is where mentorship becomes very important and a trait that must be possess by all leaders. We at the Northern Progressive Club (NPC) are of the opinion that with the 8years of PMB marking a 10year sojourn of the North in power and the patronage South West enjoyed from the APC and the fact that the South-South and South-East provided the JOKER for the successful return of the APC for the 2nd time, not forgetting the rising ethnic and regional agitation from the South-South and South-East, the law of Natural Justice will demand a shift of power to the Ndigbo region for justice, fairness and equity.

The NPC is of the belief that Mr. Rotimi Ameachi has paid his dues to Nigeria and APC, he joined the movement when it is a taboo to do so from the region he comes from and the fact that he is a Christian also add flavor to the desirability of his candidature since pundits have chosen to give the party an ethnic and religious colouration against all realities and fcts on ground.

Finally we call on all Stakeholders, Youth, Religious Groups and Nigerians to join hands with us and rally behind this great Amazon and achiever per excellence in order to consolidate on the gains of PMB’s administration as that will guarantee the delivery of critical projects embark upon by the administration without drifting back to the PDP’s single agenda which has always been looting, looting and more looting.

Adamu Adamu Matazu
Writes from Zaria.

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