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New Media practitioners’ consultative forum holds in Kebbi

In a bid to re – orient the New Media Practitioners of Kebbi state extraction, Kebbi state Government under the able leadership of His Excellency Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and Coordinator/Senior Special Assistant New Media Alhaji Aliyu Bandado Argungu had a One Day Consultative Meeting/Forum with the New Media Practitioners at the Presidential Banquet Hall Birnin Kebbi, on the 25/08/2020.

The meeting/Forum was designed to re-orient the social media practitioners and make them work in tune with the modern world and within the territories of responsible journalism.

It was graced and attended by who is who in kebbi state. To mention just a few were:

  • His Excellency Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu the Governor of Kebbi state
  • Secretary to the state government, Alhaji Babale Umar Yawuri
  • Honourable Commissioner of Information And Culture Alhaji Mahmud Muhammad Warah
  • Honourable Commissioner For Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Alhaji. Hassan Muhammad Shalla.
  • Honourable Commissioner For water Resources Alhaji Nuradeen Usman kangiwa
  • Honourable Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General of the State, Hajia Ramatu Adamu Gulma. And so on.

In attendance also were: Special Adver on Media Alh. Yahaya Sarki, Special Adviser Women Affairs Hajia Zara’u Wali then, we had resource persons:

  1. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information And Culture, he eloquently presented a paper titled : The Use of English In New Media.
    2.bDirector DSS, Kebbi state, represented by Mr Dauda Namata, who presented a paper titled: Security Implications of Fake News
  2. Veteran journalist Abdullah El – Kurebe, who presented a paper titled : Effective New Media Use For Promoting Good Governance.


National Anthem was sang at exactly 9:50 am, thereafter, opening prayer and welcome address by Honourable Commissioner of Information And Culture Alhaji Mahmud Muhammad Warah who in summary outlined the importance of social media. He stated that social media has come to stay, modern world must recognize and accept it.


In spite of his very tight office engagement where he was needed urgently in Abuja for a very important security meeting he contrived to attend.

He expressed his happiness and satisfaction for seeing orderliness and professionalism being displayed. Due to the time factor he summarized his words and responses to some questions raised.

  • His Excellency called New Media a Disruptive Media, which he said those in the practice of New Media information dissemination posts more writings and videos that are destructive in nature. But he quickly reminded the audience that it could be made productive and developmental depending upon how it is utilized.
  • Advised New Media Practitioners to report and air only news capable of fostering peace and harmony within the state. He added that even if the information is correct but is capable of planting disharmony and planting distrust amongst people it should not be aired or reported. Peace is the ultimate goal.


  • His Excellency Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu firstly responded to Malam Nasiru Mohammed Karofi who asked him on how he planned to take the state out of the poorest rung of economic development ladder (kebbi state ) being placed 5th poorest in Nigeria. His Excellency said, ‘it is unfortunate that our internal revenue generation base is weak, unlike states like Lagos and Rivers who have sea ports and other states with the oil derivation money. If we heavily tax our people we sink them more into the chasm of poverty. In Economic sense, I am in full support of Islamic provision which supports taxing only the rich. This school of thought is being accepted by modern Development Economists.

Moreover, we are doing our best to get more sources of income by industrializing the state which by implications will make kebnians more economically buoyants and vibrants, by doing this our economic class will naturally change.

  • In his response to the second person whose question hammered on the state’s policy for youth development, he made it crystal clear that Kebbi state government under his watch has been been helping youths in the area of education and youth development. His administration, however, is ever ready to key into any project design to promote youths.

He asked the Secretary to the government and all Commissioners to stay and respond to questions which might be raised by attendants/New Media Practitioners and germane to their Ministries. He left the hall by 10:50am.


Alhaji Babale Umar Yauri ably represented His Excellency Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu who flew to Abuja for a security meeting. Alhaji Babale gave hope to the people of Zuru Emirate whose roads are in terrible conditions, he assured them that kebbi state government once rehabilitated federal roads there and would soon come to their aid.

Honourable Commissioner of information And Culture, Alhaji Mahmud Muhammad Warah promised to carry New Media Practitioners along. He said government would respond positively to their needs.

Honourable Commissioner For water Resources Alhaji Nuradeen kangiwa shedded some lights on the shortage of water supply in the state headquarters Birnin Kebbi. According to him very soon the shortage will become part of history.

Honourable Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General of the State, Hajia Ramatu Adamu Gulma said in her response to the question that children in kebbi state would be protected by law. She added that in penal code cruelty to children and even animals is punishable by law, it carries a penalty of seven year imprisonment.

Honourable Commissioner For Local government And Chieftaincy Affairs, Alhaji Hassan Muhammad Shalla said Local governments are fully involved in the developmental projects. He added that those disengaged staffers receiving N5000 were not disengaged by the state government. It is the exclusive right of every local government to handle their staffers.


First Presenter
Effective use of English and language is necessary for New Media productions. The industry is reputed for its low level of effective use and mastery of English.

Second Presenter
He spoke at length hammering on the importance of security, causes of insecurity and implications of Fake news on National Development. Mr Dauda Namata advised New Media Practitioners to check thoroughly the sources of information before releasing it for public consumption. He also added that one can contact professional when in doubt about the safety of the information to avoid dabbling into trouble.

Third Speaker rounded it up by educating the Media Practitioners on the need to promote peace as a prelude to good governance.

Finally, certificates of attendance were issued to the participants. More Interactive and consultative Meetings/Fora will take place soon.Aliyu Bandado Argungu
Coordinator /Senior Special Assistant (New Media )
To the Governor of Kebbi state

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