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A rejoinder to Miyetti allah’s explosion over alleged killings of fulanis by Ibakkana

This article is published as a rejoinder to Miyetti Allah’s explosion over alleged killings of fulanis by Ibakkana Lelna

Read full statement issued here:

Our attention have been drawn to the recent ourtburst by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Assocition of Nigeria (MACBAN) issued by its National Secretary Baba Uthman Ngalzarma on 16th August, 2020 Dail Trust.

In his clandestine anner, he wrote all sort of deceitful lies that verily expose the most dreaded Association as the embodiment of crimes against humanity associate with the Fulani bandits terrorizing the peaceful land and people of Zuru which is noted as one of the most habitable environment (Emirate) in Nigeria.

In a way, he is trying to respond to a petition by the people of Zuru through its voice, the ‘Ibakka Lelna’ to the Inspector General of Police complaining of heinuous crimes against its people by the Fulani bandits. In his fashion to acquire underserved sympathy, he named the ‘Yan sa kai’ as murderous gang.
Sa kai is a child of necessity.

A rejoinder to Miyetti allah’s explosion over alleged killings of fulanis by Ibakkana

The people of Zuru Emirate who are mostly farmers are displaced by the Fulani bandits.
Notable among the act of terror to mention a few:

  • In October 10, 2019, one Alh Isah Mai Treda was kidnapped in Mahuta, Fakai LGA and 4 million was paid as ransom.
  • November 2019, at about 18.00hrs in Gulbin, Kuka Audu Iri village, Fakai LGA, one Alh Maidamma was kidnappted by Fulani bandits and 3 million was paid for his release.
  • On the 16th January 2020, armed bandits attacked Maidanga village Baogu ward, Fakai LGA killing many people and burning down the village
  • On the 17th of February 2020, two attacks were carried out in Sabon Tunga, one Alh Noma was killed and about 400 cows were taken away while in Shengel village, Waje ward, Danko/Wasagu LGA, one person was killed and a 15 year old girl was raped who at first was taken to the General Hospital Ribah for treatment and later was transferred to University Teaching Hospital Sokoto for further treatment. In that attack, houses were bugled and many cows were taken away.
  • On the 17th of February 2020, Fulani armed men attached Munhaye village of Malekaci Bena District killed one Pastor John and kidnapped his younger brother.
  • In Kuntomo village of Kandu Danko/Wasagu LGA, armed Fulani launched an attack killing Kigu, Keko, injured 3 persons and went away with many cows.
  • On the 19th of February 2020, armed bandits attacked Maga town killing four people including a vigilante member called Danladi Gudu while on the same day, Tumburku village – Dan Umaru ward was attacked kidnapping 26 people
  • On the 25th of March 2020, armed bandit attacked Gaya village killong 8 people. These included the Imam of the village and Galadiman Gaya.
  • In Mai Danga village in Bangu ward, Fakai LGA, armed bandits stormed the village setting women and children ablaze and throwing some of the children into a well and made sure they died. They visited a household and held the father and his son at gun point and humiliatingly said to the father that they want to rape his wife. He declined and they shot him and the son rose and was shot also who later recovered. They laid the woman who said she was HIV positive. These horrible men plugged a dagger into her vagina and cut up and she died.
  • In the same Sakaba LGA, some women were kidnapped why they claimed they are AIDs carriers, the Fulani bandits inserted about 7 other six batteries cells in their vagina, these women were rescued and taken to General Hospital Dirn Daji for treatment and the women are still alive to testify.
  • On the 16th June, 2020 at about 13.30hours, Ali and Malam Nazifi were kidnapped while in their farm. 7 milion was demanded, this was in Bena District Danko/Wasagu LGA while 10.00pm same date, one Mika was killed and his wife and child were kidnapped.
  • Natives testified that among the Fulanis are mercenary as an average Nigeria Fulani man cut their hair, but among them are those with long hair up to the back. And severally during rape session, some of them are observed to be uncircumcised.
  • Recently, the bandits attacked a village in Maga an alarm was raised but before the arrival of ‘Yan Sakai’ 2 fulani pastorals were killed and the cows were rushed along with the cow herders. Yan Sakai pursed and resumed both cows and herders.

But yet, the secretary in his outrageous complains said pastoral fulanis who are still at peace with the people of Zuru were killed.
Lying that eight (8) Fulanis were killed in Technical College, which is a lie except if he meant to say Federal Techical Science College permanent site Zuru where some armed Fulani men were killed by unknown persons.

However, when the wives, children and cattle were escorted to the police station Zuru on inquiry, on of the wives of the deceased confessed that those who killed their husbands trailed them from where they were coming from Kairu in Bukuyum Local Government Area of Zamfara state. This matter is in court as against his allegation of no action taken by the authority.

In conclusion, it amazes us that the people of Zuru of whom the Fulani bandits killed over 200 have not gone public crying for justice. It is the MACBAN that is crying for justice for killings that never took place. We sincerely demand fo and immediate investigation by the relevant authorities because this could be a ploy for MACBAN to launch an attack against the innocent people of Zuru.

Alh A. G. Mika’ilu

Alh. Usman Sani

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