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Opinion: Kebbi State youths and politics

According to the Nigerian youth policy, youth are aged between 18-35 years. Kebbi state was created out of former Sokoto state on 17th of August 1991; the state had a total of 3.1 million people during the 2006 census and till date, the population of Kebbi state has risen up to 4.4 million with 2.1 million youths.

Kebbi state is blessed with influential and educated youths ranging from graduate, undergraduate as well as people with Higher National diploma and its clear that the Development and employments are ascertained when youth are included in policy making.

Last week Wednesday, the International youth day was celebrated and there was no programme organized by Kebbi State Commissioner for Youths as a case to show concern to its teaming youth, rather it was a Kebbi Gender advocate who organized a programme to commemorate the event.

The sad angle of it was that even the commissioner of Youth and sports Development wasn’t around in the programme despite the invitation sent to him.

Its believed that Youth empowerment as well as engagement on any issue bring a paramount achievement to any society.
there for the Development we are aiming to our dear society could never be achieve effectively and efficiently without youth empowerment as well as youth engagements in policy making.

It’s so disheartening that our dear youth are the ones responsible in their disengagement and lack of empowerment because they are the same youth selling their influence and intelligence on cheap to our politicians.

Unfortunately, our youth are becoming professionals in E-Begging, Political thugs praising and hyping politicians in their media Handles, defending their mistakes and castigating the ones opposing their Political interests.
If one must showcase Political intelligence then, Commend the commendable and condemn the condemnable.

Instead of wasting your precious time on those frivolities, programme and show’s that doesn’t add anything to you positively rather promoting negative vibes, hatred and immorality to your life.

I therefore implore all of us to get ourselves together, let’s put on our thinking caps and brainstorm, get the ball rolling with creative and intelligent minds either individually or as a group to come up with innovative ideas that lead to wealth and job creation so that our dear society would be proud of our blessed knowledge and influence.

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