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Samsung, Huawei fighting for number one smartphone maker

Samsung and Huawei are fighting for number one smartphone maker for the next quarter of the year 2020.

As Big Brother Season 22 kicks off in the United States of America, Huawei has also began celebration after overtaking Samsung to become the world’s number one smartphone maker for the second quarter this year.

The celebration may be and likely be short lived, as latest analysis gives Huawei cause for serious concern.

According reports, the global sales numbers were driven by the phased coronavirus recovery of Huawei’s and Samsung’s respective key markets—China versus the U.S. and elsewhere.

Market researcher Canalys has now released its European sales analysis for that same quarter, finding that not only has Huawei shrunk again—down 17%, but, much more worryingly, domestic rival Xiaomi has grown faster, up 65%, knocking Huawei down to fourth place in a region that has been the heartland for its international expansion. The two Chinese rivals sold similar unit numbers in Europe—a serious win for Xiaomi.

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