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Donkey slaughtering, trading of skin faces ban in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture, has banned the killing of donkeys through the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services. The ban across the country, made it an offence for anybody to kill donkeys and trade on its skin.

The Agency’s director,  Dr. Olusegun Awoniyi, said that the Federal Government is invading donkey skin processing camps across the federation and seizing donkey skin from owners.

This was disclosed in a reaction to the alleged invasion of donkey skin processing camps of Dried Meat Preservers Association of Nigeria, DMPAN and seizing of over 2000 processed donkey skin worth over 80 million Naira, across the country.

The ban on killing of donkeys and trading its skin was made by the federal government to avoid the ‘work’ animal from going into extinction.

“Apart from Nigeria, many countries have placed a ban on the killing of donkeys and trading on its skin. Nigeria has received a lot of memos from many countries discouraging the killing of donkeys and trading on its skin or meat.” he said.

He said:

“Apart from the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services invasion of our camps, almost all the security agencies are now involved in seizing our goods and extorting different amounts of money from our members across the federation.

“Some of the places our goods were seized are Rara, Mahuta, Fakai Local Government Area of Kebbi State. 1600 pieces of donkey skin were seized from two of our members on June 26, 2020, and taken to the Divisional Police Station in Mahuta Koko Zuru road in Kebbi State and two of our members, Hope Abumen and Christian Nwanya were detained there for three days because they followed them to know the destination of their goods.

“Others places our goods are seized are Kaduna, Bornu, Sokoto and Oyo State, while security agents extort various amounts of money from us starting from Sokoto to Nsukka Enugu State.”

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