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Eid el Kabir package: Kebbi Gov’s aide blows hot on PRP

Sallah: Kebbi Govt yesterday gave out financial assistance to Fed MDAs, NGOs, resident communities

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The State Government’s efforts was described by the Kebbi State Peoples Redemption Party as “spending spree”.

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In response to the Kebbi State Peoples Redemption Party, Aliyu Bandado Argungu
Coordinator/Special Assistant (New Media) to the Executive Governor of Kebbi state expressed dissatisfaction over the press release describing it as baseless.

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In response to the baseless Press Release by the People’s Redemption Party (KB – PRP), Kebbi state chapter. on the 23, July, 2020 where the party exhibited shallow knowledge of our socio – cultural make- up. I also understand that the party is desperately and blindly seeking for relevance in the scheme of things. To KB – PRP nothing good can come out of All Progressives Congress (APC) and its leadership.

According to KB – PRP Sallah Packages to political parties is wrong, helping different associations and organizations too is wrong. This therefore, means that helping Kebbians who are battling with the harsh economic conditions to ease their conditions and celebrate sallah is wrong. His Excellency Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu did not limit his rare gesture to his party supporters, he gave out his assistance even to those with the deep – seated opposition to him. In KB – PRP’s parlance , It is wrong to do good and be kind to people. IT IS THUS NO LONGER HIDDEN THAT KB – PRP IS ANTI – MASSES AND ABHORS WELFARISM.

This rejoinder will digress a little in its attempt to tell Kebbians that helping someone facing crucial religious activity is embedded in our culture. If you are to open and browse through the pages of history, you will be amazed to see how the two PRP Governors of Kano and Kaduna states in second Republic (between 1979 and 1983) trampled upon the cultures of their people. It is therefore, their tradition to criticize whatever is good.

Moreover, Kebbi state civil servants on lower grade levels have since received their Leave Grants. Those on grade levels seven and above will soon receive theirs. Proudly speaking, Kebbi state civil servants received their July salaries on the 20th July, 2020. No state did that in the entire Federation. ONLY GOD CAN SATISFY ALL. But, senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu is doing his best and performing excellently.

Finally, this government loves constructive criticisms not blind ones with the intent to gain cheap popularity.

Aliyu Bandado Argungu
Coordinator/Special Assistant (New Media)
To the Executive Governor of Kebbi state

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