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‘…being made to look like an idiot’ Russell on Albon about Red Bull driver’s surprise Q2 exit

All is not well about peoples’ views on George Russell after qualifying in Hungary on Saturday. There are indications he was having some good time after recording the 12th quickest time. This was the first time Williams got both cars into Q2 since 2018.

At the same time according to report “the Englishman was feeling for Alex Albon, as the Red Bull driver qualified a shock P13 – and he wasn’t afraid to voice his support for his close friend and rival…”

Formular 1 website reported that “Albon’s result capped a hugely disappointing day for Red Bull who, after being pegged by Mercedes as their biggest threat coming into the weekend, saw Max Verstappen qualify only seventh, lapping slower than his pole time from a year ago.”

Russell was as amazed as anyone by that form, seeing Albon fall in Q2– same person who finished P4 last time out in Styria.

“I’ve known Alex for the last 15 years, been in the same paddock as him, you know he’s one of the best drivers we all race,” said Russell passionately.

“Max [Verstappen], Charles [Leclerc], all of us will say it, he’s always been at the front in everything he’s done and I don’t know what the hell is going on.

“I feel really bad for him because he’s being made to look like an idiot and he’s absolutely not. He’s won in everything he’s done, so I don’t know what is going on but they need to sort it out for him.”

“I feel really bad for him because he’s being made to look like an idiot and he’s absolutely not” George Russell talking about Alex Albon

Formular 1 has it that “As he failed to haul himself into Q3, an uncharacteristically unhappy Albon had barked over team radio: “I told you, I told you don’t put me out in traffic!”. But speaking to the media afterwards, the British-born Thai said he couldn’t blame that alone.”

“It was a bit of everything. Obviously I didn’t do a great lap as well, but we had another lap to fix it,” he explained. “It’s a few things to be honest, so we need to sit with the team and discuss it and just be better prepared for the next time.

“I was [happier with the car] in FP3, not so much in qualifying. So we need to figure it out a bit better.”

The great news for Albon is that he has scored points on six occasions
from the 12 previous times he has started outside the top 10. He’ll be praying for more of the same on Sunday.

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