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Op-Ed: Incumbent NUKESS’ leadership failures keep compounding

The National Union of Kebbi State Students (NUKESS) is the umbrella body of Kebbi State Students numbering over 700,000 within and outside the country.

Founded October, 2003 to promote unity, peace and progress as well as welfare of Kebbi State Students, NUKESS is structured, shaped and guided by the union’s constitution reviewed by the 2018 administration led by Amb Marwan Umar Gwamba.

On the 25 of Dec 2019, the annual National Convention of the Union was legally and peacefully conducted under the watch of 2019 National Executive of the Union after which the current serving executive were elected and got inaugurated on the 6th of January 2020.

Key individuals including Kebbi State Governor Sen. Atiku Abubakar, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Higher Education and his colleague in Basic Education plus delegrates from other Ministries were in attendance.

As a concerned stakeholder and investor to the Development of Kebbi State Students, I have been disturbed about how the incumbent administration of our only Kebbi State Students Union is undisposed.

Could it be finance or negligence? Since the inception of NUKESS, there has not been a single administration prior to this that inherited a meaningful amount of money from their predecessors as the incumbent administration.

This administration had in its coffers the sum of 1.3 Million Naira but as a matter of fact, there is no single meaningful project to show in Kebbi or its environs, executed by the organization whose tenure is ending in a few months.

Despite the situation of this global pandemic, there are other national student bodies that haved managed to run their activities by doing online programs and a few physical programmes that are strictly observed inline with the precautionary measures ordered by WHO/NCDC.

It’s now clear that neither the executive arm of the union nor their Students Representative Council know their constitutional functions or know how to discharge their constitutional obligations.

Moreover, neither their so-called secretariat nor public office holders know how to manage the union activities and prevent students interest dearly.

If this administration continues in this direction, the repercussion will be “indigent performance”.

Ours is to highlight, a Stich in time, saves nine.


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