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Following the assassination of the District head of Bajida, the council Dabai Chiefdom, and Vigilante groups in Zuru emirate have called for peace among community dwellers stressing that security personel are on top of the situation.

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Good day ladies and gentlemen, members of the press. My name is John Mani Giwa, sarkin Yaki and the leader of “Sa Kai” appointed by the council of Dabai Chiefdom and members of the vigilante group to create rapport that will bring an end to the insecurity challenges within Zuru emirate.

I am here to address you on matters arising.

It is to the knowledge of everyone that Zuru is one of the most peaceful communities in Nigeria where Christians, Muslims and traditional believers cohabitate and coexist peacefully. What is happening today is very strange and regrettable. We were never expecting this nor prepared for it.

On Tuesday 09/07/2020, i received a very shocking news of the assassination of district head of Bajida, under Fakai Local Government, Fakai chiefdom, Zuru emirate of kebbi state by unidentified gun men.

Our sincere condolences to the families of the late monarch, the people of Bajida and Zuru Emirate, may God grant his repose soul eternal rest, Amen.

I want to make some clarifications on the activities of a vigilante group called “Sa Kai”. As a leader of the group, and after consultations and intensive discussions with the members and leaders across the emirate, i hereby wish to state the following:

1 The general public should know that “Sa Kai” have no hand in the brutal killing of the district head of Bajida.

2 We shall assist in information gathering that will lead to apprehension of all those who have hand in the barbaric act be prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to those who may have similar motives.

3 On issues of insecurity challenges and lawlessness, it is a known fact that some unscrupulous elements may hide under this tide of insecurity and the activities of Yan SAKAI to carry out criminal activities and attribute them to the activities of Yan SAKAI to twist or mislead the public. These criminals should know that Karma will also catch them up sooner or later.

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4 I want the general public to know that Sa Kai is a child of necessity that was born owing to the security challenges as a result of incessant attacks by the armed bandits which lead to the displacement of many farmers and consequent migration to take refuge in towns. For example, in my house alone, i accommodated about 48 refugees, a fact known to all the security agents, royal fathers and our political leaders.

5 His excellency, Sen Atiku Bagudu, the executive governor of kebbi state directed through his deputy, rtd Col Samaila Yombe Dabai mni to address these challenges has been up and doing for long.

Assassination of District head of Bajida – Dabai Chiefdom, Vigilante groups call for peace

6 Upon it’s spontaneous emergence, Sa Kai have hunted bandits, kidnappers and their informants who are now on the run.

7 I want the general public to also know that our farmers are not happy holding local guns and parading them up and down, but were forced to do so to avoid what have been happening in Zamfara and Katsina states to mention but few. We want to go back to our farms and to this end, we want government to guarantee our safety so as to carry out our farming activities peacefully. It is already raining season but we must have to defend our lives instead of cultivating crops to feed our families at the end of the season.

8 Some of us had watched bandits kill, rape and kidnap our wives and daughters in addition to carting away our cattle and farm produce thereby making our lives miserable. This is the situation we wish no one should experience. We will not let this killings continue, we have a duty to fight back and defend our lives and properties and we have no regrets doing so. For peace to rain in a society, evil men most be uprooted and armed bandits are evils.

9 The public should understand that if we fail to fight these bandits and kidnappers, they will dislodge all our villagers hence migration to towns will lead to increase in crimes in the cities since there are no farm lands to keep the migrants engaged. These criminals feel that they are above the law by collaborating with some corrupt people who parade within the corridors of power.

10 Collaborators of evil are not living in the bush or forests but among us, in towns and cities. This is where we should collaborate with security agents to ensure their apprehension. (The duty of any patriotic citizen)

11 “Sa Kai” is a consequence upon the failed security, hence only improved security will end it. We are all members of this vigilante group unless government take a bold step to arrest and prosecute these bandits, kidnappers and their sponsors who are supposed to be well known to the security agents in collaboration with patriotic citizens.

12 We shall cooperate and work closely with all stakeholders, therefore no need to panic on the activities of Sa Kai.

At this juncture, evil is real and armed bandits, kidnappers and their collaborators are evil but those who are yet to fall as victims will not understand our pains.

We thank his excellency, the governor of kebbi state and his deputy, the hon chairmen, Zuru, Fakai, D/Wasagu & Sakaba Local governments, the Emir of Zuru HRH Maj Gen (Dr) Muhammadu Sani Sami, the chief of Dabai chiefdom, all district heads and the general public.

We hope sooner by the Grace of God, we shall return to our Farms.

God bless Zuru emirate.

God bless kebbi state.

God bless Federal republic of Nigeria.



July 11, 2020


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