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Following his contact with one Dan kurma (less privilege) from Tugga village, His Excellency the Kebbi state Deputy Governor Rtd Col Sama’ila Yombe Dabai mni, MBA, fss, psc+ (Tambarin Zuru) has on Saturday visited Tugga village of Bagudo local government area of Kebbi state to inspect a family home of one Dan Kurma whom he pledged to assist with accommodation and empowerment for wife whenever he (Dan Kurma) settles for marriage.

The Deputy Governor came in contact with Dan Kurma years ago, promised to take care of all his marriage expenses including building an apartment for his family.

He further directed immediate commencement of construction of the house to pave way for the marriage processes while pledging to assist the new bride with grinding machine towards supporting the couples in managing their home.

Dan Kurma is a destitute with hearing impairment who lost his parents while growing up and the deputy governor described him as dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy young man who lived all his life in Tugga village trying to put his best in looking for daily needs.

Rtd Col Samaila Yombe Dabai further task on well to do individuals to assist orphans and less privileged without barrier in line with religious doctrine. He also encouraged youth to engage in productive venture for the overall development of immediate society and the country at large.

Atom Turba


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