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The delegation of Basic Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) led by Acting chairman of Zuru LGEA – Dr Sani Dantani Manga toured all the district covering Zuru LGEA on Thursday.

The courtesy visit came after inauguration of the committee at the palace of the chief of Dabai recently. The committee, whose part of responsibility is to iron out all necessary reforms in the grassroot education. The districts are Dabai, Rikoto, Rafin Zuru, Manga, Senchi and Ushe.

The part time chairman, Dr SD Manga said the visit became necessary as part of the strategies to kick start the implementation.

In Rikoto District, the district head of Rikoto, Alh Muhammadu Bandi stress the need for the members of the committee to work towards attaining a sustainable goals adding that no land is above mother land hence, the need to positively contribute to it’s development is paramount.

District head of Rikoto further saw consequences of negligence in the education sector as part of what the sector is now facing while commending the government for devising means to revive the grassroot education sector if sincerely utilised.

“On District committees, there is a need to maintain jurisdiction for proper supervision by District heads and necessary cooperation” the district head of Rikoto added.

Also according to him, “whoever did deliberate or intentional vandalization of public buildings should not go unpunished to serve as a lesson to others”.

Similarly, Dr SD Manga, the part time chairman added that committee has been assigned to look into technical facilities of the primary schools and should be directed to the BESDA committee not the education secretary whose all former responsibilities were shouldered on

He added that the composition of the committee consist of People with passion for grassroots education hence the need to identify with the primary pupils is necessary.

He further identified service delivery for teachers to address some challenges bedeviling the local education adding that it is a turn to collectively join hands to share the praise or blame as the case may be.

On teachers welfare, he noted with dismay the low pay for grassroots teachers and assured of gradual push, administratively and legally from the higher level to see the implementation of teachers salary scale in no time and equally.

Similarly in Rafin Zuru District, Dr SD Manga on behalf of the delegation, returned all glory to Almighty God, while reiterating that the committee were on courtesy visit to the traditional institutions to discuss various grassroot problems in education.

SD Manga cited advanced countries where grassroot level teachers are having equal pay with Tertiary levels.

Over the years, LGEAs have been without board chairmen thereby shouldering sole responsibilities to Education secretaries, and with the constitution and inauguration of the committee, such responsibilities will now be shared with the committee and education secretary.

The chairman of the committee further describe how the committee will undergo series of educational reforms at grassroot

The Education Secretary Zuru LGEA, Alh Muhammadu Suleiman Namama use the medium in identifying some challenges faced in maintaining and protecting the properties for sustainability and further acknowledged most of the 2017 projects are now coming to and end while awaiting the kebbi state government approval for the 2019 Marshal plan that many primary schools will benefit.

While responding, the representative of the sole administrator of Rafin Zuru district, Galadiman Rafin Zuru Mr Karatu Wele JP, pleaded for the reintroduction of Grade II certificate as a pre requisite for primary school teacher education.

The committee were at Manga District head palace on courtesy visit along with members of the committee to seek for support and cooperation towards implementation of BESDA.

Part time chairman further task the district committee whose responsibility is very heavy considering the level of their closeness to grassroot teachers and use the medium in calling on the attention of district committee to work hand in hand and report all areas of challenge to the committee whose responsibility is in collaboration with SUBEB, ministry and absolute endorsement of his excellency the executive governor of kebbi state.

In his reaction, the education secretary Zuru LGEA Alh Muhammadu Namama, charged the district committee on maintenance of structures built by the government for sustainability.

However, the committee’s train were in Senchi District received by Marafan Senchi in his residence.

Introducing the delegation, Dr SD Manga said, they were at the palace to extend their sincere appreciation after the formal inauguration of BESDA committee. He task senchi district committee on the responsibility to stand firm to revive the fallen standard of grassroot education.

He further describe the role and functions of the committee as contained in the appointment letters of various members that will guide their operations.

Education Secretary Zuru LGEA describe the inclusion of some notable primary schools under senchi in the ongoing 2017 renovations while reiterating collaborative effort towards the development of grassroot education.

Marafan Senchi on behalf of district head of Senchi, commended the government for constitution and inauguration of the committee and describe it as timely in an effort to revive grassroot education, prayed for successful implementation.

Moreover, in Ushe District, Dr SD Manga describe the courtesy visit in an effort to appreciate the co operation given during the inauguration of the local education committee and to draw the attention of district committee on the need to take responsibility according to UBE law 2005, spelt out together with appointment letters.

The part time chair described the District head of Ushe as monarch with passion for grassroots education whose actions have been justified.

The Education Secretary Zuru LGEA tasked community on maintenance of public utilities, narrated how District head of Ushe have been participating in the maintenance of public primary schools using own resources and mobilising resources from sons and daughters of Ushe as part of the community effort.

Expressing his satisfaction, the District head of Ushe assured of all necessary support and cooperation needed to ensure successful implementation. He added that since after his district committee was inaugurated, he did not relent in holding meetings by further engaging traditional leaders, teachers as well as expertise individuals to asses some basic challenges and capturing of staff’s bio data to enable the district committee attend to some challenges without heavily relying on LGEA committee.

The part time chairman Dr SD Manga rate Ushe district’s proposals as worthy to emulate and describe the actions taken as model and first of it’s kind among all other districts.

The committee concluded their tour at Zuru local government secretariat where similar interaction were held with officials of the local government.

In his speech, the part time chairman Dr SD Manga said, the visit became necessary considering local government as the mother and heart of local education. Dr Manga further describe without the co operation of local government, the committee is likely to collapse.

He use the medium in describing how mobilization has been put in place for the smooth implementation by the committee.

On behalf of the executive chairman, Alh Abubakar Dabai, DPM Zuru LGA assured of all necessary support be it logistics or human while reiterating the need for the committee in collaboration with the LGEA to manage redundant local government staffs with teaching qualifications so as to utilize their expertise knowledge and be useful to the community.

In his response, Dr SD Manga stress the need for transfers without political grounds and proper placement of staffs on levels 01 to 06 and levels 07 & above respectively.

Representative of chief of Dabai chiefdom, Alh Abubakar Dabai (KOKANIN DABAI), Hon Rabiu Garba Aiki Bedi Vice chairman representing the executive chairman of Zuru local government, CAN Chairman Rev James Manga, Dantani Iko of Zonal Education office, women leader, Mamman Lada secretary to the committee, NUT chairman Zuru among other members were part of the delegation.

Prayers were offered for successful implementation and divine protection.

Atom Turba.

Thursday 11/06/2020.

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