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I have observed for decades that the people of Zuru Emirate do not seem to be enjoying, in full capacity, the budgetary allocation mapped out for execution of constituency projects and disbursed to members representing them at the National Assembly.

This post is to clearly apologize to Hon Ali Kansila for partaking 100% to ruin his political carrier because of a failed 30m inserted in the federal budget that was almost at completion stage by the community effort, but couldn’t actualized with ease.

Prior to his declaration of interest to contest, Hon Kabiru Tukura has actively involved in the community struggles in one way or the other, the reason why he won the hearts of many.

Now it seems to be replica of the scenario. My Hon member has seemed to forget how his predecessor Suffered from all angles.

This is also a wake up call to Hon Kabiru Tukura. Former reps member were criticized in just less than one year in office. As a youth, you have a better and more chances ahead. The whole town cannot be complaining about you.

Same people that elected and worked hard to your victory are termed as envious whenever a good direction is wished for you as a youth.

Once again, apologies to Ali Kansila.

Atom Turba


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