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In this article, Aliyu Bandado, Coordinator/Senior Special Assistant (New Media) to the Executive Governor of Kebbi state highlights what he describes as “an interesting result sequel to the fatherly role played by His Excellency Senator Atiku Bagudu in his approach to the Covid – 19 pandemic across the state”.

Kebbi State is gradually getting rid of the menace of corona virus (Covid – 19).

Even on Saturday 17/05/2020 five patients have been discharged from the isolation centre at Kalgo. Those still there, are positively responding to treatment. More will soon be discharged whenever doctors and ancillary medical personnel certify them negative and fit to go home.

Realizing the enormous contributions and untiring efforts of our medical personnel and the members of task force working 24 hours round the clock and putting their lives on the line, His Excellency Senator Atiku Bagudu approved the immediate payment of their safety allowances and other entitlements. Quoting from the Honourable Commissioner for Health and the chairman of Covid – 19 task force Honourable Jafaru Mohammed Zuru (clean) ‘All medical and Para – medical personnel will benefit there from’. According to him:

– Consultants will go home with the handsome amount of N20,000 daily
– Medical officers N15,000 daily
– Pharmacists and Nurses will be paid N10,000 in 24 hours.

Moreover, other ancillary staff such as epidemiologists and surveillance officers will be paid based on their risk involvement:

– Those exposed to high risk will receive N15, 000 daily
– : Medium risk staffers will receive N10, 000 daily and
– : Low risk staffers will receive N7, 000 daily…

Nevertheless, members of the Covid – 19 task force are to be paid:

– Consultants N300,000
– Senior Medical officers N250,000
– Medical officers trained on IPC N150,000
– Directors of P.H.C. N50,000
– Supporting staff N50, 000.

This has fortified the war against the virus and put those on the frontline on top – gear.

Notwithstanding, His Excellency Senator Atiku Bagudu has been approving the entitlements and other benefits to the deserving individuals. I want to use this medium to tell the entire Kebbians that no stone will be left unturned as far as payment of whatever belongs to you is concerned.

Without fear of fabrication and doctoring of lies since facts are lying before everybody. Our action governor Senator Bagudu remains number one:

– In the prompt payment of salaries (On the 24th of every month) The only governor that does that in the entire Federation
– Periodic payment of gratuities
The only governor in the Northwest that did not impose complete lockdown on his people. Mosques were not closed down; Ramadan preachings and Tafseer were observed. Skeletal services in every sector were allowed. This is a pointer that he is very easy going and masses oriented governor.
– In spite of the corona virus threat, capital projects are still going on across the state.

Summarily speaking, His Excellency Senator Atiku Bagudu is managing the state and containing the corona virus concurrently. You cannot close your shops, farms and other sources of livelihood just because there are thieves or other manageable threat at the neighbourhood. Doing so will invite hunger and starvation thereby creating new problems more devastating than the thieves.

Support His Excellency in his fight against corona virus.
Stay safe and observe social distancing.

Kebbi state is zooming into next level, of economic development and prosperity.


  1. That’s Great May the Almighty Allah continue to bless guide and protect our governor,and all kebbians


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