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KebbiDailyNews E-zine: 3rd Edition Available for FREE!!!

From disseminating information on agriculture to politics, culture and technology, our digital news agency – KebbiDailyNews has been what can be described as a “one-stop shop” for readers in North West Nigeria serving particularly Kebbi state.

Our e-zine (electronic magazine) – KebbiDailyNewsletter was born out of our organisation’s zeal to reach more people… HOW about transferring a bulk of information via xender or Bluetooth to a friend who doesn’t have data; or pushing a complete-news-pdf document via Whatsapp or email to a friend in Nigeria or abroad.

Apart from the fact that you don’t need to be online to read from our e-zine, we are also complementing the UN SDGs effort by not cutting down trees – yes, since we are not printing on paper.

Download Third edition here

KebbiDailyNews E-zine comes as a reference material as you take steps to building your e-library.

Feel free to download and send in comments and contribution to

Talk to you soon.


Download First edition here
Download Second edition here

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