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Government needs your support and cooperation to defeat corona virus – KBSG

It is worrisome the way hitherto, controlled corona virus (covid -19) is spreading like wildlife in Kebbi state. Like play, like children’s play it started with the one person who got isolated on the 26th April, 2020. Upon all the preventive and curative measures the number rose to twelve (12) persons. It is quite worrisome, intimidating and threatening. Neither playing blame game nor exonerating the State Government the State Governor has never been soft in the fight against corona virus (covid -19). He deploys all machineries at his disposal to see to it the virus is routed once and for all.

Unfortunately, some people are still sceptical about corona virus, some have politicized it to achieve cheap political goals. This by implications means that the said war is left to be fought only by Governor and his few health personnel. In consequence, the virus is spreading like wildfire, I don’t want to sound like a prophet of doom, but the truth must be told, however, bitter. We have to change our attitudes and be more proactive and cooperating, otherwise a kind of Tsunami of corona virus (covid – 19) infections will be our lots. God forbid!

Once again, be more vigilant and report any suspicious infected person (s) amongst you. Government needs your support and cooperation to defeat corona virus (covid -19).
– Observe social distancing
– Wash your hands regularly
– Wear face mask
– cooperate with the health personnel

May God protect all of us
May God bless Kebbi state
May He gives our governor Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu more wisdom to lead us
Ameen Thumma Ameen !

Remain Blessed.

Aliyu Bandado
Coordinator/Senior Special Assistant (New Media)
To the Executive Governor of Kebbi state

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