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KEBBI TO THE RESCUE…. by Abubakar Kalgo

I still wonder why despite all the lockdown measures by States within Nigeria and beyond : trucks from Kebbi are allowed free passage to all locations in all States across the Country but they still believed Kebbi is not working.
Just yesterday Saturday, April 18th, 10 trucks each loaded with 600 bags of Red Bull Rice aka WACOT rice left Argungu to Calabar in Cross Rivers yet Kebbi is not working.

My friend deposited Nine Million Naira for a truck load of LABANA Rice for his business: nearly 2 months now he is yet to receive his consignment due to traffic of demand and yet Kebbi is not working.
My friend Mr Taiwo Oluwadahunsola came all the way from Lagos to invest over 100 million Naira in Rice production and processing in Zagga, Bagudo, Yauri and other places due to peaceful envirnments and friendly people yet Kebbi is not working.
Another friend Mrs Joy Ejarika visited Kebbi for the first time in 2019 but few weeks after she started rice, Groundnuts and soyabeans farming in Kalgo and Koko Besse Local Government Areas with an Investement running into over 20 million Naira yet Kebbi is not working.

An Agricultural commodities aggregator was looking for 200 metric tonnes of soyabeans from Kebbi State despite short notice he was able to procure over 100 metric tonnes somewhere around Danko Wasagu, Sakaba Bagudo and Fakai local Government areas and yet Kebbi is not working.

At the launching of Anchor Borrowers Farming Program in November 2015 : Kebbi had only one Rice Mill (Labana Rice Mills) but today we have over 40 Small, medium and large Rice Mills across the State involved in billions Naira worth of value chain activities creating jobs and income to thousands of people in the State yet Kebbi is not working.
GB foods is currently establishing the largest tomatoes processing Company in the West African sub region and engaged hundreds of farmers introducing automation farming Technology in the State: yet Kebbi is not working.
As the World locks down all movements, all shopping malls, all airports, all schools, all cafes and hotels, all banks and bureaus de change etc : farms remain open and producing therefore Many Nigerians looked up to Kebbi for sustenance ( food security) yet Kebbi is not working.

We have all it takes to make Kebbi greater by creating more favourable climate for more Investements in the Agricultural value chain.
Those Tractors at KARDA should be utilised earnestly and expeditiously for enhanced production within the lockdown period and beyond.
More youth friendly farming techniques should be introduced to attract and mobilise mass number of youth into Agricultural production as way of creating soft landing climate in the aftermath of COVID 19 lockdown in the State.
As the lockdown continues: we must salute OUR GREAT FARMERS for keeping us well and safe.

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