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From Wednesday,,March 11th to Saturday 14th, Argungu in Kebbi State will be on the Global Tourism Map as all major Domestic and international Radio and television channels, new Media Platforms and Tourism Correspondents will beam their cameras on every bit of activity outlined for one of the greatest human spectacle” the Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival’

The historic event started in 1934 to signal the end of hostilities, promote peace, Diplomacy and brotherhood. Ever since, the festival continued to wax stronger, extending frontiers of love and fraternity, building bridges, promoting economic growth and development of the host Communities, Kebbi State and the Nation. Remarkably, it attracted global attention, prominence and admiration as United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization UNESCO recognised and placed it on the list of Global Heritage Event : an enviable feat yet unparalleled by any natural event in West Africa.

Argungu International Fishing and Cultural Festival : like the Indian Holi : is also an event of many colours featuring Wares, Clothes and fabrics styled in Traditional, Modern, Royalty and other Cultural regalia. It holds the record of attracting Presidents, Governors, Ministers, Diplomatic Communities, Captains of Industry,Trade and Business Communities, Tourism Enthusiasts, Media, Cultural Ambassadors and Galaxy of Entertainers, Sportsmen and Women,Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Food Vendors and above all Fishermen of all ages, from all angles within and outside the Country : turning Argungu and Kebbi State as preferred Destination to behold.

With the 4 days it lasted : all hotels are fully booked, Caterers and food vendors smile to banks, fish mongers make brisk business, transporters are fully engaged, Media Practitioners flood everywhere capturing every bit of action, Hunters, Dancers, Cyclists and Motorists compete in Rallies, Donkeys, Horses and Camels are mounted in a Durbar Show depicting the history, heritage and Ancesstoral Prowess, Military Might and Strength of the 600 year old Argungu Emirate, it’s friends, Allies and Suzerans from Nigeria, Niger, Benin Republic, Burkina Fasso and beyond.

Events set to feature in the 2020 edition include. Catapult, Archery Competitions, Horse, Donkey and Camel Races, Grand Motor Rally, Bicycle, Power Bike Rides and Agricultural Show.

At Mala where Kabanci Display takes place, the Audience will be thrilled to Bare Hands Fishing, Diving, Wild Goose Chase, Boots Excapades, Swimming on Goards , Swimming with balanced pots. Kabanci Display is indeed spectacular and captivating.

Polo tournament and essay writing contest are new additions to the festival with seminar to cap it. Similarly, local boxing, wrestling and skinning of goats Competitions are yet another crowd puller events outlined this year.

Cultural Arena hosts yet another spectacular exhibition of Dances, Artistry, and songs by troupes drawn from Nigerian States and Neighboring Countries. For the 4 day period, it is Culture at it’s best.

The Climax of the festival is the Grand Fishing at Matan Fada where the Sultan of Sokoto is the Permanent Royal Guest accompanied by Galaxy of Emirs, Chiefs, Obas, Obis with full paraphernalia of Palace Aids, Courtiers, Royal Trumpeters as well as the ever Colourful Dogarai.

Fishermen projected at over 30,000 will assemble at the banks of Matan Fada River awaiting the blast of Dane Gun to begin their Scenic and miraculous race towards the river competing for the BIGGEST CATCH.

While compiling this report, A friend called from an Asian Country that Kanta Museum should be part of his schedule while at Argungu. The museum at Gidan Nabame houses Artifacts, Monuments, Arts, Crafts and Historical Relics of the over 600 years of the Kabi Kingdom established by the Muhammadu Kotal Kanta, the great in 1515 AD.

From Surame Garrison and Fortress, Kabawan Kanta moved to Takalafiya also know as Birnin Kebbi before eventually relocating to the present Argungu over 200 years ago. Therefore while in Argungu it is an opportunity to explore the vast, rich and remarkable history of the Kabi Kingdom through the Arts depicted by Moses Ehiagbon of the famous”Argungu Series” His works of Art are mainly in Canvas suitable for 5 star Hotels, Gallaries of Arts World wide, Embassies and High Commissions as well as Great Walls of Palaces across the Globe.

This is Argungu, Don’t miss the Aroma, hospitality, sights and sounds of ARGUNGU.

Abubakar Kalgo
Editor in Chief.
Tourism Africana Magazine
Kebbi Daily News.

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