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Our mission is to be the voice for the voiceless – Founder, Dedicated Youth Forum

This week, @KebbiDailyNews focuses on how a Nigerian entrepreneur, SAADATU MUSA, is pioneering change through her NGO, Dedicated Youth Forum (DYF). We hope this story encourages you to impact the community around you.


Tell Us About Yourself
I am Saadatu Musa; born and brought up in Zuru Local Government Area,
Kebbi state. I attended Federal Science and Technical College, Orozo,
Abuja in my high school. I’m a graduate of Chemistry from the Federal
University, Birnin Kebbi.

Sa’adatu Musa, Founder DYF

Tell us what your Organization does
At Dedicated Youth Forum (DYF), our objectives are: to assist the less
privileged, empower youth for self reliance, improve skills
acquisition and carry out sensitization of youth on public engagement
and politics. Our aims also involve creating awareness especially
among the youth on the consequences and cost of hard substance in the
society and also, supporting rehabilitation and re-integration
programs for former victims of drug abuse.

What Are Your Key Achievements?
As a Start-up organization, we have begun research into the deep
causes and fundamentals reasons to the ills in our society. We are
partnering with data-analytical organizations to make informed
decisions that are results-driven. This, we believe will impact our
society greatly. We are also meeting with leaders of thought to
collect quantitative and qualitative data that will help us effect the
desired change in the lives of the less privileged and drug addicts.

DYF Excos

What inspired you to start your organization?
We want to be the voice of the voiceless. Helping and putting a smile
on peoples’ faces has always been my dream. My heart bleeds whenever I
think about the motherless babies; the Almajiri’s who are out there
without shelter, clothes, foods e.t.c and the youth populace who are
without jobs or capital to startup a business. These and many more
inspired me. The rate at which drugs are been abused in this country
is too high.

What’s different about your Programs?
We want to run and data-driven-result-driven organization. We will
engage professionals in fact finding and work with
expert-recommendations. Dedicated Youth Forum will be involved also
in the rehabilitation of drugs addict and the less privilege, after
the rehab we will provide them with proper clothing, provision of
skills for self-reliance, and delivering sound education to the less
privilege; these will make our program unique

Tell us a little about your team
We want to work with professionals who are committed and motivated to
deliver their bests. Our team has common purpose and goal; we trust
each other; We clarify our goal from the start; We communicate openly
and effectively; We balance the team focus; we appreciate diversity of
We are one.

Share a little about your entrepreneurial journey
Well I am just starting, like I said earlier, we are still in the
making; but this a great step for entrepreneurial journey: 1 have the
right mindset. I often see people who want to be entrepreneurs and
can’t figure out why their goal isn’t working. To be honest, the life
of an entrepreneur can be great; being your own boss, you make the
rules, you run the business… thinking… finding a mentor… being
committed and all, the journey has been interesting.

What are your future plans and aspirations for your organization?
It has always been my dream to build an orphanage by Allah’s doing. So
insha Allah, we have a plan of sponsoring the less privilege to
Building homes for the elderly. Teaching housewives some skills so
they become self reliant; providing job opportunities for our youth,
by building mini industries or companies that can employ our teeming

The vision is large: think of building a hospital that will be of
benefit to the poor especially those with disabilities; Building a
rehab center for drug addicts before teaching them some skills; Giving
the youth and less privileged capital to start up a business.

What gives you the most satisfaction bringing “dedicated youths” together?
Being part of an organisation can help young people develop important
personal and interpersonal skills; to help youth have self confidence
self esteem. Our organization will help in reducing the risk of
becoming involved in unsafe activities such as kidnapping, using drugs
and alcohol, etc

Youth engagement is important because young people have the right to
present their own interest, and also to be active in present day
democracy. They also have the potential to improve the wellbeing of
senior citizens, reduce stigma associated with aging and
discrimination against older adults.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other young persons
looking to start-up?

Do what you can with what you have; Start small and grow from there.
Young people are advised to make sure they take care of corporate
governance and their finances. I tell fellow young people: do not
impose on people what you think are solutions, find people or
supporters with similar vision and passion.
NGOs are not-for-profits, so giving is our responsibility. Young
people should have passion for whatever course they are standing for
and give their and soul to it.

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