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Press Release

The NATIONAL YOUTH CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA was established in 2016 with branches across both Western and Northern part of Nigeria.

As organizers of the First Ever Talent Hunt show in Kebbi, NYCDN seeks to develop young talents in Nigeria by increasingly supporting creativity and promoting productivity among the youths.

The Talent hunt is featuring Music, Comedy, Poetry, Dance competition & rap battles between the 4 emirates of Kebbi. The event will also feature competition among artistes as well as give platforms for motivational speakers as they take their turns to inspire the youths.


To see a society where all the Nigerian youth both, male and female are educated, productive and self reliant -at the same time moving along with our cultural norms and value as well as our religion affairs.


*To protect the right and interest of both the northern & Western male & female youths to achieve their goals in life and still be seen as useful tools in the society, through discovering the hidden talents in our youths and to promote it to the next level showing its relevance to the society.


1. To bring out the hidden talent in our Arewa youths.

2. To work hand in hand with other bodies/ organization related to promoting the right and interest of youths in general

3. To train the Arewa youths to be self reliant and good entrepreneurs.

4. To create proper awareness to the society and the nation on the importance of the youths in any aspect and field.

5. To educate and enlighten the female youths on the effect of misconduct and other irresponsible activities which tends to have negative impact to the society.

6. To also promote and train our youths on what it takes to be successful in business and other related matters.

7. To train more youths to master the skill of public speaking and also encourage our young generations achieve their goals Among other aims of the organization.



1. To reduce the criminal activities which our youths are engage with such as drug abuse among others!

2. To make sure if not all then a reasonable amount of our youths have mastered a particular skill or business idea that will enable them solve their financial problems and at the same time be a helping hand to their families and the society at large.

3. To enable our youths achieved their youthful periods through workshops, seminars, lectures, town hall meetings, competition would be organized time to time for them.

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