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NEW KEBBI STATE MINISTRY OF IT: Tasks before the new Commissioner

The creation of the new Ministry of Information Technology for Kebbi State is welcomed by many Stakeholders and ICT Enthusiasts across the State for many reasons.

Arguably, the new Ministry is expected to chart new direction for ICT placement and utilisation within the context of propelling needs of diversification, reorientation, creativity and innovations.

It’s first litmus test would be where and how the foundation staff posted to the new Ministry will fare : pooled out of a Service that is majorly analogue working with archaic public service codes of conducts.

The system of Administration is still lagging behind in many ramifications with core bureaucrats lacking in basic administrative skills, ineptitude and bereft of techocratic acumen to provide desired results.

Dynamism of times suggest that Nations and their economies are driven by research products that spur their accelerated progress and development mostly in Agriculture, Communications, Energy, Judicial Administration, Commerce, Space Exploration and other Sectors of Public and Private concerns.

Kebbi as an agrarian State with enormous potentials in Agriculture, Tourism, Solid Minerals, Sports and other human endowments requires quantum upliftment veers towards deploying Artificial Intelligence, Smart Agricultural exploits, Alternative Energy Sources, Strategic thinking innovations in the management of State affairs as a way of putting it on global map of sustainable growth and development.

Operations in Ministries, Judicial System, Trade and other Commercial Transactions are still analogue, therefore the new Commissioner Abdullahi Muhammadu Magoro is expected to be resourceful, promising and innovative as well as bring his intellect to bear in the discharge of his leadership responsibility in the new Ministry of Information Technology.

With the current tempo in Agricultural commodities production (rice, soya beans, shea nuts, tomatoes, fish, livestock) ethanol fuels exploits, tourism engagements, peaceful atmosphere: Kebbi needs intensive and extensive committment of all ICT Enthusiasts and Stakeholders to create a new media enclave in the mould of Silicon Valley that can place Kebbi State on an enviable pedestal for prosperity and economic growth.

Kebbi Daily News

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