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Hon Habibu Labbo Gwandu’s name might not ring bells in the comity of political heavyweights but this dynamic young man is loaded with zeal, vision and determination to excel in the service of his constituency and humanity in general.

Unlike some of his Colleagues in the Kebbi State House of Assembly whose priority is to marry additional wives, assemble fleet of cars and own estates : Hon Habibu Labbo Gwandu’s passion and focus veer towards promoting sustainable environment, youth empowerment, improving the Standard of education, healthcare and rural infrastructures to Communities in Gwandu Local Government Area which he represents in the House.

Another milestone sets to be recorded by the Member was unveiled this week at the occasion of the formal flag off ceremony for the PLANTING OF ONE MILLION TREES PROJECT IN GWANDU in response to the magnitude of climate change effects on the ecology of the Area.

Notably, Gwandu Local Government Area is one of many areas in which negative effects of Climate Change are taking toll on the lives of Humans, Animals and Habitations. The available forests are becaming bare floors, few Waters are shrinking, Onions and Sugarcane cultivation becoming cumbersome, erosions also occur rampantly with Animals population on decrease due to absence of pasture in the area. Infact Gwandu is as prone as a frontline Desert settlement.

The few shelter belts erected during the days of the Old Sokoto State remained the only visible environmental sustainability efforts put in place over the past 30 years.

With this development, Gwandu Local Government Area is set to become a global attraction and a centre of Environmental Sustainability where sizable number of the population is expected to support the drive by Hon Habibu Labbo to restore and reclaim the lost forests, Flora and fauna as well as promote Green Habitation, roll back the fast approaching Desert and mitigate the effects of climate change,

The Holy Prophet SAW described tree planting as one of the most charitable acts of kindness and generosity to humanity : therefore from all Environmental Activists across the Country, we wish to commend the determination of Hon Habibu Labbo Gwandu to make the future of his Constituency and Constituens very prosperous and healthy. We equally call on other Members of the Kebbi State House of Assembly to emulate this promising young man, reorder their priorities and work for the betterment of the current and future generations.

Written by
Abubakar Kalgo
Chairman, Editorial Board
Kebbi Daily News.

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