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Make-up Biz has been one of the things I admired growing up – Hassina Muhd

In this interview with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) of Hassina’s Glamour, Hassina reveals why she ventured into the Cosmetics industry and her plans for the future:


Tell us about yourself

I am Hassina Muhammad Umar Sangelu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) of “ *Hassina’s Glamour* I was born and brought up in *United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia* (Meccah city); where I attended Al-ebtedaiya Dhalitha Primary school from 2004 to 2009 and proceeded to my Secondary school in Al-mutawasita Dhalitha and Al-thanaweiatul by year 2010 to 2015, before I proceeded to Khadija Bintu Kowaild Institute for my tertiary education.

*2)Tell us what your business does*

We provide lots of services including adornment materials applied & used by people to beautify themselves. We also provide *make-up* services by exploring the effective and efficiency tools that make people appear more biologically attractive.

3)What are your key achievements?

Having to provide our services to over 500 customers within and outside Kebbi remains a big do for us. Another achievement I may want to recount is being recognized as a makeup artist, and the opportunity to receive kits from Her Excellency, wife of the Executive Governor of Kebbi state, Dr. Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu.

4)What inspired you to start up this business?

Make-up Business has been one of the things i admired growing up because I have an aunt who is a make-up artist and i desired to be like her. The technicalities and creativity required to give clients their best look is something I naturally possess.

5)Tell us a little about your team

I’m very proud of my team and i have confidence in them that they know how the work goes very well.

6)What are your future plans and aspiration for your business?

My dream is to have my own make-up shop and a photo studio; and also to train future up-coming make-up artists, as well as to manage my own mega team

7)What gives you the most satisfaction being into make-up?

It is suitable for me as a lady and make-up is my best activity.

8)What advice can you give to upcoming artists?

My advice to them is to be hard working and ensure that they have passion and interest in what they do.

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