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Dan Zugun Garba and Giron Masa Communities in Shanga Local Government Area have become models for agricultural diversification through mass engagement in Banana and Sugarcane production that provides empowerment opportunities to hundreds of families in the area.

Visitors to Dan Zugun Garba Community are welcomed by over 300 Banana and Sugarcane Farmlands; an amazing scenery to behold. Similar thing also happen in Giron Masa.

“Adoption to the needs and circumstances of the Society” is what applies in this context in which these Communities decide to look inwards by exploring the potentials in their midst to cater for themselves.

The Giron Masa – Dan Zugu Banana business attracts buyers from within and outside of the State more especially Motorists plying Jega – Kontagora road as well as others from Niger State and the Neighboring Niger Republic.

Traditional irrigation system utilising rainfalls and canals powered by pumping machines characterise the farming practice for decades in the Communities.

Giron Masa and Dan Zugun Garba Communities have succeeded in transforming themselves to production hub for Banana and Sugarcane produce ; thereby creating wealth, sustainable income and empowerment to families impliedly minimizing the problems of destitution, street begging, joblessness and rural – urban migration.

Versatile Online Media Activists Shata ne Auwal recently visited the area and happily reports that ” Dan Zugun Garba Community prides itself as one that has no issues with joblessness, idleness and poverty as everyone strives to engage in one agricultural production or the other : utilising the abundant potentials in their midst for empowerment and economic prosperity”

Their happiness knows no bounds when the Kebbi State Governor Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu announced the commencement of Ethanol Project in the State ; enthusiastically hop b foring to key in by expanding Sugarcane production to better their lots.

Commenting on the industrious nature of the Communities, An SME and Media Consultant in the State Mal Abubakar Kalgo suggests that Banana Products from the two Communities should be patronized as part of the Home Grown Schools Feeding program to encourage farmers in the Communities market their products maximally.


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