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I will continue to advocate for peace, inter-religious & intergenerational harmony – Muh’d Al’amin

Nigeria has, in recent times, recorded security challenges ranging from kidnapping and incessant killings of innocent individuals in the North to increased arm robbery operations in the South; all of which affect the peace and progress of the country.

In this interview with KebbiDailyNews’ Thompson Ekemini, Muhammad Al’amin, a digital peace promoter, discusses issues affecting the peace of Nigeria and how his organization is proffering solutions to some of these problems.


1. Tell Us About Yourself:

Muhammad Al’amin

My name is Muhammad Al-amin, i am a Digital Peace Promoter and Good Governance Enthusiast.

2. Tell us what your Organization does:

My organisation Kebbi Peace Promoters Club is a Peace promotion organization with the primary aim of advocating for peace, inter religious and intercultural dialogue, intergenerational harmony and and support young people as they spur growth for leadership.

3. What Are Your Key Achievements:

During the last general election we undertook a 6 month campaign on advocation for peaceful election and curbing the menaces of electoral violence. Thats one because Kebbi State recorded 0% electoral violence. And i believe our sensitization was part of the reason.

4. What inspired you to start your organization?

The urge to give back to society towards achieving a prosperous and violence free community.

5. What’s different about your Programs?

Our programs are apolitical and humanitarian.

6. Tell us a little about your team.

I have a wonderful team that will go every length to achieve the objectives of the club peacefully.

7. Share a little about your entrepreneurial journey:

I am just a starter, we sell cufflinks and watches.

8. What are your future plans and aspirations for your organization?

We will be coming up with a lot of human capacity development programs in Kebbi aimed at creating safe space for our young generation.

9. What gives you the most satisfaction being a peace promoter?

Just by believing in what i am doing. Resolving disputes, creating a stronger platforms and change.

10. What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other young persons looking to start-up?

They should stand and rise amidst every stumbling blocks. They should have it in mind that everything they will do is for the benefit of the humanity and they should be true to their self.

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