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An international Shea Consultant Jacob Shekarau has advised Government of Kebbi State to convert the abandoned Schools Structures at Bakin Ruwa in Kaoje District to Agricultural Commodities Research Institute to promote quality and standard of produce for export to global markets.

Mr Jacob Shekarau who specialises in Shea products development was speaking at Farin Ruwa Village while supervising Shea cluster groups engaged in processing of Shea nuts preparatory for exports.

The institute according to the Consultant will provide necessary information and price intelligence to farmers and other stakeholders in the export value chain with a view to taking competitive advantage to market agricultural produce from Kebbi State.

The abandoned facilities at the School are rotting away due to non utilisation since its establishment more than seven years ago.

Also Speaking, the State Secretary of Federation of Agricultural Commodities Associations of Nigeria, Alh Abubakar Bagudu Kalgo commended the Federal Government for the decision to close Boarders to curtail rice importation into the Country, describing it as remarkable and good to the Nigerian’s Commodity Sector.

Shea products from Kebbi State have been globally acknowledged as of good quality which attract buyers from all over West African Countries for bulk purchases across markets and villages in the 14 Local Government Areas with commercial availability of the products.

Reports from the areas visited in Bagudo local Government Area indicated that hundreds of women and youth groups are fully engaged in the value chain processing activities ; providing means of livelihood and sustainability to their families.

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