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She is Mama Shea of Kebbi State, an indefatigable woman, resourceful Shea picker and community leader.

Mama Hauwa an 80 year old Shea Picker hails from Farin Wata Village in Kaoje District of Bagudo Local Government area of Kebbi State.

Dignity in labour: The Octogenarian’s love for Shea spanned over six decades making her a household name in all villages and communities around Kaoje District.

Mama Shea enjoys the company of her children, grand children and great grand children while on daily picking activities.

As she ages with grace; Mama Hauwa now spends almost 6 hours daily at fields doing what she knows best; picking the best of Shea nuts.

“You don’t just pick anyone : only the ripe ones who felled freely” she charges her apprentices.

The legendary Mama Hauwa loves her trade, cherishes her success story and would want bequeath a legacy of productivity, hard work and diligence.

Mama Hauwa at 80: the famous Shea nuts Picker, still active, energetic, old but not tired.

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