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Believe in yourselves- Gov Bagudu charge Nigerian Youths

Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu today attended the first ever maiden edition of TEDx – Argungu put together by renowned curator and photographer; Hajiya Aisha Augie Kuta at the Presidential Banquet Hall Birnin-Kebbi.
Giving his remarks, Governor Bagudu made note of 3 important take-home from the speakers namely:

1.) Firstly, the ability to believe in yourself despite uncertainty in view as one of the major attributes exhibited by all the speakers who shared valuable insights on how they were able to conquer new grounds despite challenges they faced, they were able to see a clearer view of what they wanted and where they wanted to be and acted in accordance by employing deliberate conscious efforts towards achieving that view, citing himself as an example, he revealed how he had to trek 11kms just to go to school form one village to another and the daunting task of doing commerce for profit with his mother in the market place as some of the factors that made him believe in himself and shape him into becoming who he is today.

2.) Secondly, accepting who you are as the first step on the path to self discovery for purpose in life, the governor made mention that the speakers brought a brim of hope to everyone present by clearly stating how they were able to accept who they were and where they found themselves in i.e Nigeria. He drove the point down by making an illustration to similar countries with entrepreneurs who have faced similar factors like what is being faced by them here in Nigeria but were able to scale and overcome those challenges and set foot of the path of greatness.

3.) Thirdly, knowing that everyone was created equally and that no one man is an island of knowledge by himself hence the need to embrace meaningful collaboration and seek clarification from others have succeeded in areas you find yourself stuck.
Speaking further, he thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for creating an enabling environment for the young entrepreneurs and startup founders to be able to compete favorably on international waters no matter where they found themselves in, stating that unity would make Nigeria thrive as a nation by making reference to a line by Shakespeare depicted by the character Polonius: “This above all to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

On courage, Governor Bagudu made reference to his first arrival at Colombia University, New York in 1991 and that on arrival the first thing that was told to them was not to cross over to Harlem and Morningside Park which sits just at the edge of New York, but despite the advice their enthusiasm made them conquer their fears by crossing over to seek knowledge as to why the instructions were given and the results they obtained satisfied their curiosity and further aligned on a path of greatness.

On the state of the economy under the current administration, he made mention of the tactical recovery from recession under the astute and visionary leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, citing disparities in budget of 1999 of 9bn dollars and in 2013 of 33bn dollars which saw a capital head of 20% and 80% respectively now, making reference to Asian e-commerce giant CEO of Alibaba; Mr Jack Ma who recorded the biggest daily sale of 33bn dollars which was even bigger than our annual national budget.

Governor Bagudu made mention of a quote by popular physicists, Isaac Newton in 1675 who said: “we see far because we stood on the shoulders of a giant” affiliating it to President Muhammadu Buhari Governor Bagudu stated that despite the deficit in the national budget as compared to the Brazilian budget with a similar population like Nigeria and an annual national budget amounting to almost 700bn dollars, he stated that President Buhari was still able to build railways, ensure the safety of her citizens, break the chain and bondage of stagnation brought about by terrorism, banditry and communal clashes between pastoralists and nomads in Nigeria, on agricultural revolution he stated that he hopes to see a time when Nigeria would be like the Netherlands who generated forex of close to 100M euros from agricultural exports and that he hopes Kebbi state would be a forerunner in the race against ending food poverty not through its rice revolution but also with the current plans and experiments being put in place to explore the production of honey in commercial scale.

Finally, he ended by thanking all the attendees for taking out time to come and inspire the youths on making Kebbi state great again, while raining accolades on the curator and organizer of the TEDx – Argungu, Hajiya Aisha Augie Kuta for giving her midas touch in putting up the perfect show at the much needed time.

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