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MEMOIRS OF A PATIENT: A year after – Alh Abubakar Kalgo

Alhamdu Lillah Khathiran. This day July 27th marks yet another milestone in the history of my existence as Dr Kriplani led seven others on knives session that lasted for more than 7 hours at Fortis Memorial Research Hospital in Gurgaon, Hariyana: an outskirt of New Delhi, India.

Kalgo in India

In what is best described as God’s intervention, the Surgery restored back what I lost for five years ( inability to feed). 
My journey to Fortis began in 2013 when I was diagnosed as having an ailment rarely found in the World ( 2 in One Million persons: according to Global Health Statistics) ; Squamous Papiloma of the Oesophagus deprived me of normal feeding for years.

Sometimes in March 2013, Dr Abubakar Umar now an Associate Professor of Cardiotrosics installed Gastrotomy device that enabled me feed artificially for the next 5 years. To the glory of the Almighty Allah, it became history. That too came after transversing almost all major hospitals in Cairo including the famous International Medical Centre at KM 42 Alexandria road for one Month. 

Prior to the Successful Surgical Operations at Fortis, I was made to undergo several tests, scans and lots of exercises to enable my body system acclimatise in readiness for the epoch making and life saving trials. PET Scan was among the numerous scans done : it’s result was nostalgically a welcomed relief as for years I was under the impression that it was Cancer but the outcome proved otherwise. 

All praise be to Allah SWT for this unique opportunity; to give account of my trials. Life is an amazing thing. Many family members, friends and well wishers will support you, some will desert while some others will ascribe names, gossip with some being fervently prayerful. 

Immediately after the surgery : I spent the following week at the Minimal Access Ward after which I got discharged. Full of gratitude I was : as another chapter to my life opened. 

Wonderful people inspired, supported and made it an unimaginable possibility that I permanently kept in the innermost part of my heart include My Late Parents and Elder Sister (whom I lost while bedridden), Family Members namely Haj Hauwau, Barr Farida who stood by me in sadness and joy, Mentors extraordinary HE Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, His amiable Wife Dr Zainab Bagudu, Alh Ibrahim Bagudu, Dr Aminu Sardaunan Bunza, Associate Prof Abubakar Umar, Close friends namely Barr Ahmad Rufai Khalid, Abubakar Usman Junaidu, Rt Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal CFR, Barr Abubakar Malami SAN, Barr Faruk Sani Hon Abubakar Gotomo, ACI Sani Aliyu Ambursa, Alh Sufyanu Bena, Alh Jamil Mustafa Ango, Dr Musa Zagi, Mrs Monisha Soi, Mr Pushpendra, Zaidu Bala, Aisha Augie Kuta, Shata Ne Awwal, Bala Muhammed , Shehu Boka and others too numerous to mention.

I remain absolutely grateful to Almighty Allah for His mercies and opportunity to live on. May Him also continue to bless our dear Nation with peace, happiness and progress. Ameen.

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