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1. Add veg. Oil to your boiling rice, it will stop it from foaming even when covered, it will also prevent the rice from sticking to each other.

2. If your soup is salty, just put one potato in it, the potato will help drain out the excess salt.
3. Chewing gum when slicing an onion could actually prevent you from “crying

4. If your rice is burnt, just put 1 or 2 slices of bread to help absorb the bad scent.
5. If your soup goes sour, just put 1or 2 pieces of charcoal and warm to restore the good taste.
6. Wives, when cooking your chicken and you want all the parts complete, do not allow your husbands into the kitchen, I REPEAT, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR HUSBAND INTO THE KITCHEN.
7. husbands and boyfriends, if your women are preparing the chicken and you want her to give you “taste” just bring chair, seat close and give her a “beta” gist, she will even give you the chicken lap without knowing.
8. When boiling your meat, do not add any spices for the first 3,4 or 5 minutes, allow the water from the meat to drain first, it will cook quicker and softer.
9. Wash your veggies with salt before slicing.
10. If and when pepper enters your eyes…. Do not go about shouting “My eyes oo, my eyes oo” just take a pinch of salt and lick, you will be fine.

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