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The Kebbi State Chapter of the Association of Nigerian Authors ANA is to stage an annual Writing Competition centred around the history of Kabi Kingdom established over 500 years ago by Muhammadu Kotal Kanta, the great.

The aim of the literary competition is to reenact the historical relevance and contributions of the Kabi Kingdom to culture and tradition of the society. It will equally enable students, researchers and scholars abreast themselves with the rich historical treasure embedded in the Kingdom’s heritage.

At the moment, we are discussing with relevant Authorities with a view to making collaborative efforts to further showcase the historical edifice to the outside world ; statement by the Association disclosed.

Speaking while inspecting the large expanse of Walled Cities (now in ruins) of Surame and Gungu, Chairman of the Association Abubakar Kalgo wondered why this unique historical relic would be allowed to remain unnoticed ; stating that many ecotourism activities could be created around the fort for income generation to Governments.

Now that UNESCO has declared it as it’s heritage site, there is need to control excavation activities and encroachment by farmers and villages to preserve the remnants of the vast City Walls and other historical monuments there.

At the time of its establishment in 1515 Competing Kingdoms around the world couldn’t match the strength and prominence of Surame therefore preserving it is a matter of utmost necessity for upcoming generations to appreciate.

Guided by Mallam Yakubu Bagaye Walkilan Kabi, members of the Association took time to visit five out of the 12 Walled Cities within the Fort as well as Ruins of the King’s Palace, Soldiers Garrison, Major, Entrance Gates, Well of Kanta and Nupe Quarters among others.

The most amazing part of the visit was climbing of City Walls by members ; Nostalgically standing for over 500 years.

The Surame City and Fort remained one of the most amazing historical feats in the contemporary World that predated World most visited tourism site : The Taj Mahal of Agra for more that 100 years.

Report was compiled by
Muhammad Gulma
ANA Kebbi State Chapter.

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