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1.0 I join millions of youths across the Country to celebrate this 2019 Democracy Day. Today, June 12, is an opportunity to celebrate together the sacrifices made by our heroes, and compatriots; the dedication and commitment of Nigerians in accepting and implementing the rule of law – the core element of Democracy.

2.0 From the report of the Independent National Electoral Commission, 2019 elections conducted in Kebbi state was adjudged free from violence and any form of intimidation. This validates the fact that citizens were allowed to vote their choices. This report does not only validate our claim as a democratic society, it has also send a message to other states of the Federation that the youths in Kebbi state stand by “the Government of the people by the people and for the people “.

3.0 The economic growth of our dear state, its continuous peace and progress in technology, health, energy, agriculture and education are dividends of democracy.

4.0 Yet, as observed by the Director of Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, media organizations must become the voice of the people and government; each keeping each other working for the benefit of all.

5.0 There is also need to adopt a bold new vision for sustainable development. The leadership of the National Youth Council is prepared to partner with several organizations that will promote safety, security and economic prosperity in advancing democracy.

6.0 While we commend the Sen. Abubakar Bagudu-led administration for its strategic distribution of basic amenities across the State, the next level administration should focus on human capital development.

7.0 On this day, I call for forging new partnerships and joining efforts in eliminating all vices that make democracy unsafe. Together, we make Nigeria a better place!

8.0 I wish all youths and indeed, Nigerians, a HAPPY Democracy Day!

Aliyu Bunza

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