As Nigerians move to the Next Level, paradigm shift is expected from laxity to productively in all spheres of our lives.

Previous level saw the emergence of Anchor Borrowers Farming Program that seeks to address food insecurity, enhances mass production of Rice and wheat for sustained food sufficiency..

The level also witnessed accelerated development in other non oil sectors paving way for exploration of solid minerals, agro commodities and renewable energy for economic prosperity and National Development.

However, we are yet to witness judicious utilisation of other natural endowments such as the Solar energy ; so abundant and useful in all spheres of human endeavours.

Global trends nowadays veered towards accepting non fossils as alternative sources of energy : therefore solar and renewables form the future of global energy requirements.

This scenario aptly depicts events and happenings in Kebbi State in the previous level where multi billion Naira investments poured in leading to the establishment of Large Scale Rice processing Mills, LASKEB Agricultural Commodities Value chain Development partnership, NNPC – Kebbi MOU on Ethanol Energy Production as well as a number of mutually beneficial trade relationships with Saudi Arabia, Niger, Benin Republic and host of others.

It is expected that under the Next Level ; Solar Energy Resource will receive the needed attention and push ; as Kebbi State was indeed among the Pioneers in Solar Sector nostalgically recalling the days of Tungar Buzu Solar Village muted and developed by then Dr Muhammad Gulma Rector of Birnin Kebbi Polytechnic in the early Eighties.

Promoting the use of solar powered equipments can pave way for:
Mass electrification of towns, villages and street lights as panacea to constant power outages, persistent load shedding and equipment malfunctions.

Irrigation can be enhanced using solar powered water pumping machines, sprayers, harvesters, processing machines and dryers.

In some parts of the world, vehicles run on solar, farming is solar powered, computers and communications gadgets are solar manned. In fact Solar energy utilisation has been part of human existence ever since and will continue till eternity.

Next Level is for further diversification and consolidation in Kebbi State and Nigeria in general.

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