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7 Reasons Why You MUST VOTE, and vote for Buhari, Kalgo, Habib, Manga, Assalafi, & Ali Bunza as members, Kebbi State House of Assembly (1) – Editorial

The All Progressives Congress, APC, in the past 3 years has shown a lot of commitment towards economic development through the initiation of empowerment programs provided by both the federal and state governments. In no small measure, these programs have affected the lives of the common man, who were, hitherto, out of government’s reach.

Apart from government’s effort in driving the development of Kebbi State, there are certain individuals who, out of their sheer magnanimity, have provided services to the good people of Kebbi State. These services include, among others, youth and women empowerment programs, mentorship of young individuals, providing information for Startups, as well as other education-oriented programs. These are men that can do more if given the opportunity:

Sir Abubakar Kalgo (Kalgo Constituency)
Dr. Usman Buhari Ali (Gwandu Constituency)
Hon. Murtala Musa Habib (Jega Constituency)
Hon. Abdulrahman Manga (Zuru Constituency)
Hon. Isah Assalafi (Kebbi South Constituency)
Alh. Aliyu Bunza (Bunza Constituency)

Now, this is why you must vote and vote for them to emerge as flag bearers in their various constituencies:

1. You want leaders who are zealous about the rapid economic growth of the state
2. You care about employment and youth/women empowerment
3. You don’t want a future which elections can be purchased by money
4. You want a boost in the agriculture, technology and health sectors of the state
5. You want new ideas and youthful energy in the assembly
6. You need Kebbi State education to get better
7. You want leaders who will consolidate on the good works of our Governor – Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu.

Though you have your choices to make, you can always choose between who can perform and who cannot; and someday, you won’t regret you made the choice.

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