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Murtala Jega Is passionate about Economic development and youth empowerment policies – Media Team

While other contenders are scrambling to decide whether to contest or not, Alh. Murtala Musa Habib Jega had accepted the ‘overpopulated’ call to contest in the upcoming House of Assembly elections in Kebbi state.

“Yes, we are still doing consultations” Jega, who is also the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Bagudu, admitted in a recent telephone interview. “We are sure the people are with us” he added.

“Murtala is running for the post” his media Team has confirmed, “We are hopeful… Alh Murtala is passionate about economic development and youth empowerment policies”, they added.

Although 2019 is still far from now, Murtala Musa Habib Jega would be a man to watch out for in the coming elections.

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  1. Koko Besse workers are doing illegal work and spoiling the job done by the company and selling the gravel stones to town people


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